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havatalk [userpic]

changing tides

August 24th, 2007 (05:48 pm)

I find it amazing how much things can change within the space of a day, a month, a year. Things are always changing. Nothing ever stays the same. Not even the beach. The waves wash upon the shore every day, but it is always a different wave, and always a different shore. Each waves changes and shapes it, changes it in it's own way, leaves something and takes something. Life is so much like that you know. People and places become the waves, and you are the shore...ever changing but always the same. Some parts of me never change, and some things about me are only there for a second before fine tuning themselves into something else.

Everything changes

How often have you looked at the clouds, and found a funny shape, and run to find someone to share it with, only to come back and find that the shape has now been replaced by a cloud resembling a train!